About the artist...

Kerri Pajutee is an American artist residing in the high desert of Central Oregon who specializes in true to life miniature scale animals.  Internationally recognized among dollhouse miniature aficionados, Kerri’s distinctive sculptures can be found in many private collections throughout the world, and on permanent display in the Kathleen Savage Browning Miniatures Collection at the Kentucky Gateway Museum.

"As a self-taught artist, I revel in the creative process.  Sculpting has afforded me a means of expression and provided me with over four decades of never-ending trial and fascination.  Inspired by the animals I have come to know, my art is motivated by my desire to capture and express that ‘spark’ of personality, while reflecting a personal encounter or endearing memory that will delight the heart and bring a smile to the face of the observer".

"Today, I balance my life and art with loving, supportive family and friends (and a sweet miniature schnauzer companion named Raleigh).  For me, 'balance' means part-time in the studio and producing a limited number of sculptures per year.  This arrangement keeps me sane and my work fresh and rewarding".

If you are curious as to what Kerri is working on in the studio -- follow her art on Instagram @Pajutee_Miniatures or on Facebook:  Kerri Pajutee Miniature Animals